Defy Media: Samurai! Daycare

Samurai! Daycare Cover Art

Audience:  Boys 13-17

Format: Flash animation

Length: 10 x 4

Description: Lovable nerd, Ned is a deluded, samurai sword wearing daycare instructor. We follow him as he “teaches” a bunch of 4 year olds, while simultaneously “rooting out evil” in his misguided, yet well intended manner.

Outlet: Shut Up! Cartoons.

Producers: Pipsqueak Films, SMOSH and Alloy Digital

Starring: Matthew Lillard (Scooby Doo, The Descendants, Scream), Bobby Lee (Animal Practice, MADtv), Cathy Shim (Oishi High School Battle, MADtv, Reno 911)

Season 1:

Eps 101: Unwise Decison

Eps 102: Tale of the Drunken Master

Eps 103: Wish That I Was Jess’s Guy

Eps 104: To Catch A Thief

Eps 105: Easy A

Eps 106: Seppuku

Eps 107: Gory Time

Eps 108: Noodles & Honor

Eps 109: Blood Feud

Eps 110: Senior Citizen MMA