DreamWorks TV’s “Fifi: Cat Therapist”


Created and Produced by Pipsqueak Films for DreamWorks TV, “Fifi: Cat Therapist” quickly proved to be their breakout hit attracting millions of viewers in it’s first season. The show was renewed for a Season 2 and has been rolling out since September 2015.

About: When her owners leave the house, Fifi begins her day job as cat therapist extraordinaire. Whether her patient is an oversized dog that thinks he’s still a lap puppy, an awkward teen giraffe or a kitty with a massive crush on a dog, Fifi’s quick wit and sass helps them all, one tail at a time.

Audience: Kids 6-11

Format: Flash animation

Length: 26 x 3

Outlet: go90, DreamWorks TV. http://youtube.com/DreamWorksTV

Producers: Pipsqueak Films

Starring: Sascha Alexander, Grey Griffin, Jill Talley, Artt Butler and many others!